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April 20 - May 21 - Taurus Birth Sign

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Taurus. Individuals born within the period when the Sun was in this sign are considered Taurus individuals.

Taurus the Bull

Pure Taureans tend to be earthy - 'slow but steady and sure'. The bullishness can under extreme pressure be expressed in violent outbursts of rage and anger. Material things are of immense importance to the typical Taurean. With all this practicality, there is a minor streak of imagination and artistry in many of the Taureans. You often get interested in music, painting and sculpture.

Sexuality and Emotions:

Taureans value their personal possessions a lot, whether it relates to the materialistic things or their partners. Jealousy is one of the incessant characters of a Taurean. According to them, a rival is not just a rival, but a thief who is trying to steal their possession. But the positive side of a Taurean is that he/she cares for his/her partner a lot. Thus, the partner of a Taurean is cared for with devoted constancy.

General Character:

'Phlegmatic' is a word which the old astrologers often use to describe a Taurean. Hence, a sordid practicality and a certain amount of earthiness is a notable trait amongst the Taureans. In adulthood, the Taurean's goal is security, comfort and lack of anxiety. Worries repel the Taureans as they hate to be anxious about any thing on earth. They are known to be very good acquaintances and friends. The Taureans patience, their determination and their rage often lead to their frequent outbursts.

Life Style:

As individuals, Taureans are very determined in their decisions. Never do they get distracted from their goals and decisions which have already been taken. Steady and functional life style is what they ultimately want. Unnecessary risk taking or doing speculative things is not their type. In fact they hardly bother if their life style seems boring to others as long as they enjoy the way they are living.

Careers / Professions:

The Taureans excel in those careers or jobs where they feel the sense of need and security. A slow but a steady job, with a guaranteed promotion and a good retirement life complemented with a handsome pension, is the ideal kind of job for the Taureans. So they are never good in freelance journalism or selling insurance on a daily commission basis. Rather they are good in accounting jobs or anything involving money, provided no risk taking is concerned. Taureans will gladly work overtime and stretch their duty or working hours, provided the job gives them satisfaction. Working in places where they can enjoy good vocational holidays is something, which attracts them very much. Stability in jobs and careers are their prime concern. In short, Taureans are very sensitive and egoistic about their careers. They are also gifted with melodious voice.

Best Career Options:

1. Government services.
2. Jobs related to accounting and finances.
3. Lawyers and public speakers.
4. Singers and musicians.
5. Counselors.
6. School teachers and college professors.
7. Receptionist or front office executive.

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