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April 20 - May 21 - Taurus Birth Sign

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Taurus. Individuals born within the period when the Sun was in this sign are considered Taurus individuals.

Taurus Love Compatibility

Taurus is characteristically serious and dependable. This implies to their love and compatibility as well. They are quite dependable lovers. Their romance is also defined by the stable and practical attitude that generates a clear communication with the partner. They can easily win the heart of their mate with their sincerity and attention. They can make their lovers feel really special. You will hardly find a Taurus who is moody and impulsive as a lover.

They think a number of times before approaching a person and once they are sure about being in love they prefer to be loyal and faithful to that person. They will never lie about their feelings and if a Taurus is expressing his or her love towards you then be rest assured that he is telling the truth from the core of the heart.
But sometimes their disciplined and methodical approach can make their partners feel little bored or intimidated which is not really good for the love compatibility between the two of them. So if you are a Taurus then make sure that you are giving enough space and freedom to your partner which is an important part of a healthy relationship.

What They Expect From Their Partners?

The Taurus people are slightly demanding to their partners. They are extremely devoted to their partner and also expect the opponent to be equally serious and faithful to them. This often leads to over possessiveness and to some extent jealousy. If the partner is not meeting him for few days or busy in some work then they become suspicious and unsecured for no reason which is harmful for a relationship.

At the same time they are scared to take any pain in love. But if you have a husband or boyfriend who is a Taurus then you really do not need to worry about him as they are firm about their decisions and rarely change them. The positive side of their love and sexual possessiveness is that this often leads to caring attitude towards the partner.

Love and Compatibility of Taurus with Various Sun Shines

Aries and Taurus are highly physical with their approach towards the love life. But the Taurus is even calculative and deliberate when it comes to love-making or romance. This is something that annoys the Aries as they are comparatively fun-loving and casual. They have other characteristic differences as well which makes their relationship a short term one.

Taurus makes a good combination with the Cancerians. The cancer is always seeking compassion and security and they prefer the partners who are caring and responsible. On the other hand the Taurus people are very much dependable by nature which makes them a good pair and marriage is possible between the two.
Libra shares very less common interests with the Taurus and their compatibility is good for sexual encounters but not for marriage. Taurus has got a lot of things common with the Capricorns. This is the reason their marriage and love affairs can be highly successful. Gemini, Leo and Virgo are not good at compatibility with the Taureans. Pisces can show good compatibility score with the Taurus.

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