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November 22 - December 21 - Sagittarius Birth Sign

Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign. Individuals born when the sun was in this sign are considered Sagittarius individuals.

All About Sagittarius

The ninth sign in the zodiac is Sagittarius. Those born between the dates of November 23rd and December 23rd have this as their sun sign. It is symbolized by the Archer due to their constant need to seek out honesty and the heart of matters. Famous people who have this as their sign include comedian Jon Stewart and actors Scarlett Johannson, Ed Harris and Kenneth Branagh.

The Sagittarius person is optimistic and idealistic- striving for world peace and the perfect love. They are enthusiastic, outgoing and generous. They are great at seeing the big picture while missing the smaller details. Spontaneous, honest and often without tact the Archer seeks out honesty in all of its forms and means no harm when they are a little too blunt. Fiercely independent, they will not move from their spot unless that is what they want to do. But if you appeal to their desire for knowledge and enthusiastic curiosity, they can easily be convinced to skip over to your side of the path.

They are incredibly warm and friendly so others usually overlook their ability to stick their foot in their mouth. Their cheerful optimism can often translate into careless recklessness and extravagance. They love the outdoors and usually excel at sports. Disappointments do not weight them down. A Sagittarius picks back up and keeps going towards the next bump in the road. Unless something horrible happened in their childhood, there really is no getting this person down.

When they set a goal, it is set in the stars. Live is to be lived to the fullest and there is a striving to be the biggest and the best. Outgoing and open, they draw many people to them and are a great team member. But organizing and long term projects are better left to someone else. There is a lack of responsibility and reliability under this sign. But their charm keeps them for getting into trouble due to these weaknesses. They are also usually extremely well educated and knowledgeable. Higher education is actually a hallmark of this sign and they seek it out with their trademark enthusiasm.

There is a wandering spirit in the Sagittarian that can make it hard for them to commit to a long term relationship. They will not choose a clingy, jealous lover. They have a love hate relationship with stability. Their idealism can often create a less than realistic notion of what love can- and should- be. Dreams and beliefs are very important to this person and anything that trounces on them will not be kept around for long. They can cycle through periods of generosity, selfishness and insensitivity but nothing is meant by their petty moods. They are dedicated to fairness and balance and will try to make their partner feel like a part of something special. If they are going through a selfish phase, a partner usually only need to point out what it is that the Sagittarian is neglecting and they will correct the behavior.

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