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February 20 - March 20 - Pisces Birth Sign

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, which originates from the Pisces constellation. The Pisces astrological sign is often associated with fish. Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Pisces individuals.

Pisces Love Compatibility

Love and compatibility is an important factor in life. It decides what will be the future of the couple who have to live together for the rest of their lives. So it is mostly found that people match their horoscope or try to find out the compatibility level of their star signs with the star signs of their life partners. Pisces is the last zodiac sign so the Pisceans have some or the other characteristics of the eleven preceding sun signs that is why it is very difficult to predict exactly about the Pisceans. But on the whole it has been seen that a man with this sun sign has a very shy nature.

As a partner he will be understanding and will always evaluate the situation with compassion rather than being critical. His cautious attitude makes him evaluate the situation very minutely which develops the feeling of sympathy rather than making him a harsh and critical judge. You can always rely on him to be at your side when you are in any kind of problem. In determination and will power he is as hard as a rock and if he takes a decision to do something he will go ahead and do it in spite of all odds and emerge a winner.

The Piscean women are very charming and submissive which makes the lover feel that she is the one who needs protection and care. She is ready to stand behind her husband as his shadow and has no craving for recognition as a separate entity. She has all the female grace and is always ready to accept the dominance of her lover submitting to all his demands without a word of protest.

She has all the womanly qualities like nagging, gossiping and shyness. Being emotional she is not able to bear criticism. If criticized she will immediately withdraw into her shell and cry her heart out until she is made to realize that the criticism was a bout of anger and there is nobody in the world as intelligent and wise as she is. Her romantic nature makes her partner feel proud as she satisfies his male ego of being the sole provider and protector of her life.

Compatible Sun-shines For Pisces

The best match for the Pisceans is Cancer as both are equally sensual. The sexual demand of the Pisces is enjoyed by Cancer. They are compatible to each other as they can find sensitivity, tenderness and passion in each other. Cancer's practical attitude towards life complements with the fantasy world of Pisces as it helps in maintaining the stability of the relationship.

Scorpio is also a good match. Scorpio provides all the emotional support and strength to Pisces. The sexual demand of Scorpio is easily accepted by Pisces and the jealous and possessive nature of Scorpio makes Pisces feel loved and wanted.

The other sun signs which are compatible with Pisces are Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces with Pisces.

Negative Matches for Pisces

Pisces and Leo will never match with each other as Leo ii not able to understand the imaginative and artistic nature of Pisces and thinks it is only a facade to hide the actual feelings. Both are like fire and water which can never match with each other.

The other negative matches are Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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