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Gemstones Meanings

Metaphysical Properties of Crystals & Gemstones 

Agate strength, courage, support, security healing
Moss Agate (green/white) balances emotional energy
Blue Lace (pale blue) gives tranquility
Amazonite (aqua/white) eliminates aggravation, soothes emotions, dispels negative energy; useful for resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis. Bestows truth, sincerity and honor. Fosters clairvoyant visions.
Amber Allows body to heal by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy; purifies body, mind, spirit; treats disorders of kidneys and bladder. Used to bring romantic love, wisdom.
Amethyst (purple) calming, relaxing soothing, meditation, intuition, spiritual awareness, inspiration and healing.
Apache Tear (black/volcanic) used to comfort in times of grief by allowing true understanding of the situation of distress in order to provide insight and acceptance. Used to let go of negative energy.
Apatite (yellow to green, white, brown or light purple) stimulates intellect, enhances creativity and suppresses hunger. Fosters communication, clarity of thought and intellect.
Aventurine (green) tranquility, healing, luck and money. Balancing male/female ennergies. Used to treat heart, lungs and muscular system disorders.
Bloodstone (dark green with red flecks) energy for healing and healthy blood circulation, removes emotional blockages. Also said to bring rain, abundance, generosity, idealism and good luck.
Botswana Agate (pink with lines) enhance creativity. Allows one to look forward rather than dwelling on problems. Lessens depression and stress.
Carnelian (red) for protection, sexual and creative energy. Protects against envy, fear and rage. Stimulates analytical abilities and precision.
Chrysocolla (blue, green or both) increases capacity to love. Produces great inner strength to help one through stressful situations. Strengthens muscular structure. Used in treatment of blood disorders.
Citrine (yellow) self esteem, hope, healing on emotional and mental levels. Helps with wisdom and peace. Increases cash-flow. Stimulates mental focus, endurance, and creativity.
Copper Combats lethargy, restlessness and non-acceptance of self. Brings luck and is used to treat arthritis and stimulate metabolic processes.
Crazylace Agate (mixed white, gray, black and amber) Helps one reach extremely high physical levels. Allows one to laugh heartily.
Fluorite (various colors-purple, green/blue, lavender to clear) Used for healing, grounding, stability and balance. Helps one to see reality.
Fossil Stone (marbled ivory) Heightens one's accomplishments in business. Instills quality in environment.
Garnet (red) Good for self-esteem, emotional balance. Increases circulation and sexual energy.
Hematite (metalic gray/black) Good for grounding, anti-stress, optimism, vitality with balance.
Jasper (reddish brown, with green/white) Used for stability, security, balance and strength.
Lapis Lazuli (blue) Good for vitality, wisdom,, creativity, communication, and spiritual awareness.
Lepidolite (lavendar w/sparkle) Brings joy, love, peace and calming.
Malachite (green w/lines) Reduces stress, healing, increases abundance, wealth, prosperity and creative change.
Moonstone (opalescent grey, creme, tan) Brings good luck, love, emotional balance, protection. Also helpful with women's health issues.

Amplifies personal characteristics. Strengthens memory, instills loyalty with respect to love, friendship, and business relationships.


(black) Absorbs negativity, grounds energy and provides protection.


(green) Inspires purification, growth, intuition, healing, renewal and lessons anger and jealouusy.

Picture Jasper

(brown with lines) A stone of proportion and harmony. Helps bring hidden thougts, griefs, fears and hopes to the surface. Also helps stimulate the immune system.


(clear) None for energizing. Can store and amplify energy for healing meditation and protection.

Red Jasper

(brownish red) Assists in rectifying unjust circumstances. Good for remembering dreams.


(peach with white) Creates smooth energy flow, emotional and physical healing. Offers comfort, harmony and friendship. Aids in tolerance, self love and optimum health,


(red with black) Dispells anxiety, enhances calmness, self-confidence, elegance, courtesy and inner growth. Teaches tolerance and understanding,

Rose Quartz

(pink) Creates soft loving energy, creativity, healinng. Supports peace, clears anger and guilt.

Rutilated Quartz

Eases depression. Increases ESP and focus attention.


(blue, yellow, pink) Rids one of unwanted thoughts. Brings joy to wearer, eliminates frustration. Increases hope, faith, intelligence, wisdom and prophecy.

Smokey Quartz

(cloudy) Good for calming, relaxing, grounding and raises consciousness. Also used for fertility.


(blue) Alleviates fear, calms nerves and increases wisdom. Aids rational processes and elimates confusion. Excellent peace maker. Fosters commonality of goals.


(violet/opaque) Restores mental and physical health. Aids in forgiving one's self. Eliminates hostilities. Excellent for headaches.

Tiger Eye

(brown/gold) Power and insight. Enhances clarity and psychic abilities. Eliminates depression and promotes calmness.


(black) Dispells fear, removes negativity.
(pink) Improves insight.
(green/blue) Heals emotional wounds.


(blue/green) Peace of mind, protection for strength and vitality. Balance and healing.


Strenthens and aligns energies. Used in meditation, increases sensitivity to feelings of others.


(green w/red) Balances emotional body. Used to stimulate pregnancy.



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