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January 20 - February 19 - Aquarius Birth Sign

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius. Aquarius is a water sign. Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Aquarius individuals.

11 Traits of Aquarius

Whether you believe that the stars have anything to do with your life and the way things go or not, when you read about the sign you were born under, it might make you a little curious anyway. Sometimes there are some really strange similarities with the description of how you are in comparison to the descriptions of how the signs characteristics read. One of the most fascinating signs and the character traits that supposedly come with being born under this specific sign are Aquarians.

Aquarius is said to be the sign of the water bearer. Aquarians are born from January twentieth through February eighteenth. Below are just some of the traits that Aquarians are said to have. Do any or all of these character traits describe you?

1. Aquarians are generally pretty intelligent in that they love to analyze any situation before they reach a conclusion of any kind. They will be uncomfortable making a rash quick decision. Aquarians are usually truth seekers.

They are generally concerned about others and making others happy gives Aquarians a sense of fulfillment for themselves.

3. Aquarians can often feel lonely even though they enjoy being in large groups or crowds.

They can have a bright side and a dark side. While they are caring and sensitive on hand they can also be insensitive at times and self centered when the mood strikes.

5. Aquarians are tolerant of the views of others even if they do not agree with them. They want to know all aspects of an argument or debate so they can make the most informed conclusion possible. They do not mind learning from anyone.

6. They can be idealistic, but they are also very sensible.

7. Aquarians are not usually crowd followers and value their independence and alone time even while they do enjoy the company of others as well.

8. Aquarians tend to have good taste in things like music, the arts, and drama.

9. Even though they enjoy company, they can have problems making deep friendships.

10. The water bearers may not tolerate interference by others very well.

11. Water bearers are faithful when committed and expect the same from a partner. When they are cheated on their anger can be tremendous and many times unforgiving.

These are just some of the complicated traits of Aquarians. If you know some water bearers or are one yourself you will probably notice some similarities whether you want to admit it or not. Maybe it is all just a coincidence or maybe not.

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